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For help with the cost of veterinary treatment  in the West Midlands, Portsmouth /  Southampton areas and the Isle of Wight,  particularly Spaying and Neutering please call  01983-522-511. Tues - Sat 10-00am - 4-00pm. 
CHARITY FOUNDER HELEN SINCLAIR COLLECTS HER M.B.E On May 1st, Charity Founder Helen Sinclair  went to Buckingham Palace to collect her  M.B.E. for “Services to Animal Welfare”.  Helen was presented with her award by  H.R.H. The Princess Royal and as you can  see, Helen was, on behalf of the Charity,  absolutely delighted.
“Friends of the Animals”   was an early member of  the FUND RAISING  STANDARDS BOARD. For  more details please click  on the link (right). 
Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary
MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE today by adoption or sponsoring an  animals at the Sanctuary in Wolverton.. For just £2-00p a month  you will help fund your chosen animal’s feed and any veterinary  treatment for as long as you’d like. We will also keep you updated  on YOUR animal.  
Please select an animal to adopt
The MIDLANDS team of volunteers will be  out and about soon helping to raise funds  for all the rescues we help within that  geographical area. If you can help at an  event - even if it just for an hour or two  please call us now - in the first place to  01983-522-511 and speak to Helen. ALL  your support will make a difference  immediately and don’t forget we happily  reimburse any expenses. These are just  some of our 2015 fund raisers.
For 25 years ‘Friends of the Animals’ has helped many thousands  of sick, injured and unwanted animals and we have done 28,800  spays/neuters. Rescues include: a dog left locked in a flat which was  being bulldozed, ducks that had been stoned - and others who’d been  shot. We’ve helped swans and cygnets, usually suffering from  botulism or dreadful injuries inflicted by discarded fishing line. We’ve  removed litters of puppies and kittens from sealed boxes and  cupboards and we rescued a dog who’d been thrown in a bramble  thicket with his four legs bound together with wire. We’ve scooped  hedgehogs from drains and untangled them from strawberry netting  and we’ve pulled animals from water. We thought we’d seen it all, but  were astounded to find a young cat who’d been badly injured in a road accident – left at the bottom of the garden to die – as the owner had  no money ! We’ve done all this .....
25 years of CARING
We urgently need your help please and by sponsoring a  BRICK for just £10-00 (or multiples thereof) you will enable  us to put another “brick in the wall”. We’ve got just over a  year to reach the target and together I know we can make it.  So…………please be part of a better future for thousands of  animals.   Heartfelt thanks Helen Sinclair MBE (Founder)
Next year we hit a crisis, as the lease on our Current Base  expires! A builder has calculated the number of bricks needed to secure permanent premises for the Charity and we’ll be  working extra hard to raise the £200,000 it will take 
THE TOTAL SO FAR We have got off to a FLYING start and so far our VITAL brick appeal we have raised a wonderful  £110,820-00  towards our target. Thank you to everyone, from Rock Stars to M.Ps  who have so far brought bricks. From the U.S.A. to Australia, and from Scotland and Wales to the Isle of Wight, Thank you.
MANY MANY THANKS To everyone who kindly  supported our appeal to  replace the POLY-  TUNNEL at the Sanctuary  near Stratford upon Avon. The Polytunnel is used to  a) store feed and crucial  items and b) to offer  protection for elderly or  poorly animals whilst they  are being treated. It was  therefore crucial to  replace the covering as  soon as possible. YOUR support has  enabled a new cover to  be installed. The pictures  show just how sizeable it  is and how  important it is  to the animals that rely  upon us.
To help TED, please either :-  Click on the “Pay Pal” button below to make a donation.  You do NOT need to have an account with this secure  system but please annotate your gift “TED”.  OR Call Lacie, Maxine or Linda (Tues to Sat 10-00am to 4-  00pm) on 01983-522-511 to make a donation by card OR Simply send a cheque to 17A Riverway Newport PO30 5UX  and just write “TED” on the back of the cheque.  Thank you.
TED could do with a bit of help please.
TED is only 14mnths old. He has gone from living here - in  the Midlands (above left), surviving a fire, being abused  and having a leg amputated to being taken to one of our  Foster homes near our Newport H.O.  So far this poor soul  has been through hell and we will need to spend a lot of  time, money and effort on returning Ted’s trust of humans.  If you can help, with a donation of ANY size it really will  make a difference to this lovely dog. 
Rick Wakeman is without doubt  the country’s leading Rock  Keyboard player and Friends of  the Animals is honoured to have  his support as one of our Patrons.  At Medina Theatre on Feb 6th he  put on a superb show and spent a  great deal of his precious time  talking to and supporting the  Charity. He almost got to take  Millie home with him!!. 
Rick has always been  generous with his time and  support and he helped us  raffle our Valentine Dog for  £168-00 on the night and  presented it to the lucky  winner at the end of his show.  Rick is with Alan, Anne, Helen,  John, Sarah, John, Di, Maxine  and of course Millie and Ruby.

“Friends of the Animals” 

Is a Registered Charity that rescues, rehomes and arranges veterinary 

treatment for almost any animal and bird. We arrange spays and 

neuters at a subsidised rate in certain areas and we also support almost 

400 animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands. 

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Friends of the Animals Rescues benefit from Give a Car
Sadly, not everything we  put on our site constitutes “good news”; It is with  great sadness that we  must report that  “CASSIE” the Canine  collecting Queen had to  be put to sleep recently.  Please click here to see  just what a FANTASTIC  animal CASSIE was. 
Friends of the Animals will miss Cassie Helen Sinclair Founder of Friends of the Animals
To see our new range of  fantastic Merchandise for sale  in support of our rescues  please click here. 
NEWSLETTER  AVAILABLE The Charity’s current  Newsletter no 61 is  available.  You can either download a  pdf copy to read by clicking  on the picture (left) or  call  Lacie on 01983-522-511 and  she will send you a hard copy  free of charge.  
Don’t forget our two shops - in London Rd  Portsmouth and Gunville Rd Gunville. Both would  love your support with donations or a couple of  hours of time. Click here for details.  
Thank you to Morrisons Castle Bromwich for supporting Friends of the Animals. Thanks to Morrisons Walsall for supporting Friends of the Animals
We TRULY appreciate YOUR support and when we have our own  premises, EVERY single “BRICK” donation will be acknowledged in  a record of honour - we will also be pleased to take note of any  “Anonymous gifts” - so please make sure you include your name  and address (if you wish) with your gift. THANK YOU.  
Friends of the Animals Fund Raising at ASDA Halesowen Friends of the Animals Shopping bags Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal sanctuary Friends of the Animals Funding a new Poly Tunnel at the Sanctuary Friends of the Animals were very pleased to collect at TESCO Worcester for our Rescues Friends of the Animals Newsletter available Free of Charge Friends of the Animals are helping to rejuvinate this lovely dog. Friends of the Animals have helped to move Ted from this. Friends of the Animals Patron Rick Wakeman and Millie Friends of the Animals Team with Rick Wakeman HOME
To see how YOU can raise money for our  rescues OFTEN AT NO COST TO  YOURSELF through these companies,  please click here.
LEO (The Cow), MARIGOLD & MORGAN (The Goats) and MANDY  the sheep (below) are amongst those animals looking for a sponsor.  To see the full list of animals needing help please click here.
BRICKS CAN BE PURCHASED IN MULTIPLES OF £10-00.  To sponsor a Brick / Bricks please either :- Call 01983-522-511 and make a donation by Card - Don’t forget to mention BRICK(S) Use the Paypal “Donate” button (below) (and annotate your gift BRICKS If you have your own Paypal account you can donate direct to the Charity’s account Click here to go to our “Merchandise page” and use the PayPal link to Sponsor more than one Brick. If you use Telephone Banking the Charity’s Account for this urgent appeal is:- sort code 090720  Acct No. 03589234    Send a Cheque or Postal Order made out to “Friends of the Animals” to 17A Riverway, Newport PO30 5UX. Please include your own name and address and mention BRICK(S). Click HERE to download a form giving more details of the appeal.
Friends of the Animals Portsmouth shop Team
Friends of the Animals Rescue, rehome and arrange veterianry treatment.