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Fred, the Quiz master  and Barney at one of the  Charity’s Fund Fund  Raising events.
“Friends of the Animals” are very proud to have  the support of several celebrity patrons. Their  support is VERY much appreciated.
“Friends of the Animals” was an early  member of the FUND RAISING  STANDARDS BOARD. For more details  please click on the link on the left. 
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If you’re thinking of taking out Pet Insurance. “PetPlan” may be 

worth a look.  Quoting 1300026427 when you take out a policy will 

ensure Friends of the Animals will receive a donation.

   Pay Pal. 

If you’re an EBAYER you can make a 

donation from selling an item on line. 

Just choose us as your Charity and 

select a percentage of the sale price to 

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your fees as well. Thanks to 

the_don73, fourseasonsequestrian-co- 

uk and to the  hordernut55 to name but 

three who already do that. Thank you. 



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If you don’t text, PLEASE help SUMMER by making a donation of any size using the PAYPAL or CHARITY CHOICE buttons below.  Both sites are safe and you don’t need an account to make a donation.  Alternatively, please call 01983-522-511 and make a donation by card. Thank you.
For help with the cost of veterinary treatment in the West Midlands, Portsmouth / Southampton areas and the Isle of Wight, particularly Spaying and Neutering please call 01983-522-511. Tues - Sat 10-00am - 4-00pm.

Our very many thanks to EVERYONE at Solway Ltd for 

their donation of food and equipment to help our 

rescues. Particular thanks to Karen Lowe for organising 

the collection.

Can you organise a collection of pet food and useful bits  and pieces for our rescues? Every single item helps.
This LOVELY Dog is “SUMMER”. She was  originally in danger of losing her eye sight but  thanks to “Friends of the Animals” that was  averted - But a few days ago she was rushed  in to the vets on an emergency call out. Within hours the bill had reached £250 and the  possible diagnosis of gastro-enteritis was  made. The bill is going to RISE a LOT. PLEASE PLEASE help us to save this dog. If  everyone who visits this site were to text  JUST £1-00, Summer would be safe and so  would many animals like her. Just £1-00......PLEASE do this for Summer  NOW. Thankyou
Friends of the Animals Foster Home
Vicky, Andy and their son Rhys help to  make this Charity the success it is. They  offer temporary care as a Foster home  until we find a permanent homes for our  rescues.  Foster homes are an  exceptional group of people who look  after, care and train an animal to ensure a  new home and the dog are perfectly  matched. Trixie needed the time and care she could  only get with a Foster Home. From being  a wreck, She is now able to be rehomed  in an environment that will suit her.
If you think YOU could be one of our temporary foster homes,  please call Lacie or Helen on 01983-522-511 and help us to help  even more animals.  
Working together to help animals
Friends of the Animals supporting animal Sanctuary at Wolverton HOME MERCHANDISE REHOME WAYS TO HELP SANCTUARY CONTACT SPAY / NEUTER

“Friends of the Animals” is a Registered Charity that rescues, rehomes and

arranges veterinary treatment for almost any animal and bird. We arrange spays

and neuters at a subsidised rate in certain areas and we also support over 400

animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.

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For details on why it makes sense to get your pet neutered or spayed click here. For details of  how we can help you with cost of Spaying and  Neutering In the West Midlands  click here  Along the South Coast click here  And on the Isle of Wight click  here 
For details of the 400 plus rescued animals that we support at a Sanctuary in the Midlands AND  how you can adopt an animal for only £2-00p  per month, please click here.

To get a copy of the Charity’s latest

Newsletter, with details of work please call

Lacie on 01983-522-511

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