Hi everyone, It’s Ginge here !

As you know, I unfortunately had a tussle with a car and I’d like to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped me by donating towards my treatment..

Thanks to you all, I’ve been pinned and plated and I’m much happier – even if I do now resemble Robocat.

It is so good to be home and I understand I’m doing pretty well. I’m comfortable and I’ve spent the last couple of days surrounded by cushions and being looked after by Charlie.

I’m not walking yet, but I can stand and I can turn around and the photo of me eating my dinner lying down, is just me being a bit lazy.

Helen from ‘Friends of the Animals’ has instructed me not to do it again.

GINGE has got loads of FELINE friends that pick arguments with cars – and come off second best. If you would like to help us to help them, please use the Pay Pal button to the right and we will ensure that every penny received goes to help the next GINGE.


“Have basket will travel”

I’m sad because for five months my friends have been trying to find me a new home but because I’m big no one has chosen me.

I’m only 15 months old, and an “over the pond” Bulldog. I originally lived with a lady who had to leave her home at short notice. She was sad too because I couldn’t go to her new home as they did not allow animals.
I have been neutered, micro-chipped and inoculated and I am really a big softy – my friends even think I’m handsome, but I wouldn’t like to comment …..
I’m very friendly and house trained. I just need a bit of training; but no more than any other of my canine friends – and I do give big hugs in return. I love people and other dogs but I’m not keen on cats.
I LOVE walks, runs and LOTS of play and may be seen as a tad boisterous for very young humans but being friendly and having fun is my aim in life. Will you, or someone you know please give me a chance.

If so PLEASE call Lacie or Trix on 01983-522-511 as soon as you can.


For TWENTY SEVEN years we have been improving the lives of Animals

from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales.

Our aims are to:-

  • Offer a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme.
  • To rehome animals that come into our care.
  • To support 460+ animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • To give educational talks on the care of pets
  • To offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

We have also:-

Spayed / Neutered more than 34,000 animals

Rehomed over 8,800 animals

And we provide veterinary treatment for almost 4,000 animals EVERY year.


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