Well, Steve has finally made it.

After 12 days of IMMENSE effort our Friend Steve has walked and climbed his way along the Welsh / English Border. He’s battled the elements, been blocked by horses, cows and a bull and done it all at his own expense to help our rescued animals. Please support his efforts with a donation so that the animals STEVE has committed himself to aid will receive even more help.

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Day 12. Friday 16th June. Well, Steve has finally made it.

All 168, 177 or 182 miles (depends which signpost you read) of the Offa’s Dyke National Trail without any blisters. Not to mention the 28,000 plus feet of climbs up hill and down dale.He finally paddled in the sea at Prestatyn at approx. 4.15pm. The last part was certainly NOT the 12 mile doddle that Steve thought it would be. He started off with an uphill climb and ended with another climb up cliff like hills to the south of Prestatyn. But then, wow, seeing the view of the town and the sea; the end of his (mostly) lone walk from South Wales to North Wales. Today he did have a couple walk with him and he was joined by Ian Dunsire – the Charity’s Chairman – for a while so that helped the day go well.

Steve says he feels fitter and happy that he’s done it, and is now thinking about the Pembrokeshire Coast Path !!!!!!  So watch this space.

Day 11. Thursday 15th June. The map said 17.5 miles, it felt more like 21. After a lovely breakfast in the local village cafe at 8-00am he was off and was immediately climbing, and climbing, and climbing, right up to the Jubilee tower, at 554m/1818ft. This is the highest point on the Clwydian Range, and almost the highest point today. It was well worth the breathless climb for the views. Thank goodness it didn’t rain! Steve had some human walking companions today so that made the day go easier, although it didn’t make the hills go away!! After losing some height he then had another climb to 456m, phew! Until finally the drop down into Bodfari and a rest at his B&B. Should be easier tomorrow……

Day 10. Wednesday 14th June. 15.5 miles of a mix of canal, steep climbs, a big scary bull, crossing an aqueduct on a very narrow path and steep scree littered hillside paths.

This was a hard walk in beautiful weather, a detour was necessary around the bull with his harem and calves, the sheep field looked safer so he went through that instead and fence hopped a bit further on, the aqueduct was quite challenging, it’s very HIGH with a narrow tow path, especially narrow when he had to pass someone half way across! Don’t look down! And the paths though the scree hills were quite dodgy too, it was a long way down to the bottom if you slipped, and probably quite painful too.

The village of Llandegla is lovely, a fantastic little village shop inside the old school which also does breakfasts, Steve has a date there tomorrow at 8am.

DAY 9. Tuesday 13th June. IT DIDN’T RAIN !!!!! After a 14 mile walk Steve has reached Chirk Castle, he says it wasn’t the easiest of days, bit up and down, moderate to hard. However he did meet some real walking companions, not just fat wooden chaps! A man from the ramblers, a walking couple, and a Dutch couple, so I’m sure that helped the day along. The place he stayed at last night was right on the edge of a main road, no double glazing and heavy traffic all night, so he didn’t get that much sleep.

The weather has certainly changed – instead of torrential rain Steve has had clear blue skies and HOT sunshine. He’ll try not to complain too much.

DAY 8. Monday 12th June. After a good breakfast and a visit into town to pick up supplies, (chocolate I believe) it’s on to the day’s walk, Welshpool to Llanymynech. It was only 10.5 miles but he did a couple of detours around livestock fields which made it a good 12 miles. He then followed the Montgomery canal for a few miles to avoid a busy road. The latter has a narrow bridge where walkers have apparently been killed, so he wisely decided to avoid the risk. He then rejoined the Dyke walk into Llanymynech. As you can see he met a few swans with cygnets, and a chubby wooden man with his dog. The weather was good without a drop of rain.
Only 4 days to go now, he has done so well, walking on your own for that long is not everyone’s idea of fun but he has risen to the challenge.

 DAY 7. Sunday 11th June. Steve reached his Welshpool B&B at 4-00pm.
Today was a 13 mile walk in mostly decent weather …..It did start to rain, he put all his waterproofs on, so it promptly stopped! Then the sun came out so he got hot, waterproofs off, walked a bit, then it rained again….. this time he didn’t bother with the waterproofs and it soon stopped !! There were some steep climbs today but nothing like it has been.
 As well as the beautiful countryside Steve does see some funny sights; see the photo of the inquisitive cow and the burnt out Ford Ka, We think there may be a caption competition there !!

DAY 6. Saturday 10th June.   Steve has had a hard walk today, Knighton to Churchstoke, 14 miles.
It was a day of very steep hills up ……and slippery paths down, he says it was even harder than the first day in the rain but he has now passed the half way marker as you can see by the photo.  He slipped twice on the mud and it started to rain after 3-00pm so he had a couple of hours walking in the rain. Easier terrain tomorrow (hopefully) but he may get more rain.

Day 5. Friday 9th June. Steve had a good day today …….  no rain!A lovely day today walking from Kington to Knighton, no rain, loads of beautiful scenery, in some places you can really see the Dyke, obviously a bit worn down now, it was built in 757AD! A lot of sheep up here, perfect hilly sheep country. Quite a few steep uphill climbs today but only 13.5 miles so not a bad day at all.
Don’t forget, to sponsor Steve on his 177 mile walk and 28,000 ft climb please in his quest to help our rescued animals.

DAY 4 OF MY LITTLE WALK Thursday 8th June. From Hay on Wye to Kington about 13.5 miles, very hilly in places, the rain was heavy but not as bad as expected. Steve did get some sun too. He got into Kington slightly later than anticipated as he was delayed by tea and cake! Two churches on the way did tea and biscuits, so he was well fed today.

DAY 3. Wednesday 7th June Steve has finished Day 3, he is now in Hay on Wye after a long hard climb up over the Black Mountains from Pandy where he had stayed at a B&B owned by the very lovely Mary Whistance who made him a cup of tea, physically put his feet up on a stool (brave lady!) and put the TV on for him, she is just over 80 bless her. Today was at least decent weather, only a couple of showers, which he managed to dodge.

DAY 2. Tuesday 6th June It has been a lot better today weather-wise and Steve is happier that he is not soaked to the skin! From his photo’s it looks as if he has gone through some beautiful countryside, although he did have some horse and cow problems today in that they were blocking gateways, but he got through. He is near Pandy tonight being looked after by a lovely lady at the B&B. Today he walked about 16.5 miles. Tomorrow he is walking over the Black Mountains to Hay on Wye, another 17.5 miles, hopefully it will be a lovely day.

DAY 1. Monday 5th June  Steve has finished his first 17.5 mile day, it rained all day, he lost the trail and nearly fell down a 12ft drop, got escorted through a field by 3 piggies. The trail was very wet and slippery due to the rain so it was quite hard work. He’s now having a well-earned rest.

Sunday 4th June. Thank you for your good wishes for Steve, we are in Chepstow tonight and I will be seeing him off tomorrow morning after we have found a big breakfast for him somewhere. The B&B we booked didn’t realise we were coming and so don’t have anything in and only do continental breakfast anyway, not really enough for a bloke walking 17+half miles! He should end up in Monmouth by about 6pm, if he doesn’t get washed away in the rain and gales expected tomorrow. Please pass on a thank you to Mr & Mrs Taylor for their kind words, and to everyone who has sponsored him.



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