Urgent Appeal

Are you at home most of the day?

Do you love dogs?

Do you want a dog but not the expense or long term commitment?

Can you give a dog a loving temporary home?

Please contact us if you live on the Isle of Wight on 522-511 for more information about becoming a FOSTER CARER

Seven Marathons in 14 Days

Steve is walking the equivalent of SEVEN full Marathons in 14 days.

Please, please make his, Catherine’s and Shep’s collective efforts on behalf of our rescued animals worthwhile, by sponsoring them. Last year, (including Gift Aid) Steve raised just over £5 K. At the end of Day 11 we are up to £3,152-00, so there’s still quite a way to go. Please help: you can use the PAY PAL button on the right or call LACIE on 01983-522-511 to make a card donation or you can send a cheque to F.O.T.A. 17A Riverway, Newport. PO30 5UX. EVERY penny raised is coming to the Charity and Steve is paying ALL the costs including the 15 nights B & B, petrol etc.

A message from our patrons,

“Hi Steve and Catherine………………….I have been following your amazing journey in aid of the wonderful Friends of the Animals and can only say as a patron how proud I feel to have people like you on board with your support. 200 miles is a mammoth distance….I struggle with 200 yards.!!! 

Absolutely brilliant……..well done from myself and Ian Lavender and Sue Perkins and Peter Egan and all the patrons ….we take our hats off to you….or should I say “shoes”.

lots of love……….Rick.

Rick Wakeman & Steve

 And from the other side of the world:-

The following message of support was sent by Claude Silavant who lives in Sydney, Australia:

“Hi Steve and travelling partners,really enjoying your daily adventures and to know the animals will be benefited, It is something I would have loved to do before I moved to Australia plus help the charity.

Keep going as it is a really positive achievement in life, Wish I was there to join you, will be sending a donation.

All the best Claude Silavant”

And….Still going strong !!

This is the last days of Steve Darch’s sponsored walk along the whole of the Pembrokeshire coast, in aid of ‘Friends of the Animals’. Last year he walked alone, but this time he is being accompanied by his partner Catherine and their dog ‘Shep’ for part of the way.

Day 12 of 14.

Castle Martin to Stackpole Quay, 9.5 miles, would have been more had we been allowed to wander across the firing range, but as the tatty red flags were flapping we weren’t allowed to. Last night we had the edge of the storm, it was windy and the army ranges were firing their guns and playing big boys toys, but at least it didn’t rain much. We awoke to grey skies and a cold wind, fearing wet vegetation soaking us we donned our waterproof trousers and jumpers and ventured forth……..into the hot sunshine! The fields have also recently been harvested so the trousers and jumpers soon came off. We passed the ranges on fairly boring permitted paths and soon found ourselves on the road to Bosherston and the lure of a cafe, tea and cake duly consumed, well you have to don’t you, we walked down to the Lily Ponds, a flooded, slow moving river full of…yep, waterlillies. Then Shep spotted the beach at Broadhaven. On we went over the sand dunes, hard work, over the stunning steep cliffs for lunch overlooking Barafundle Bay, then down to the beach there, up a million steps the other side to Stackpole Quay where we had left the car this morning, oh look a cafe not far away, more tea and toasted teacakes and a stroll round the walled garden. What a lovely, relaxing and dare I say, easy, day.

Best wishes

Catherine and Steve and Shep

Day 13 of 14.

Nearly there! We thought it would be a bit easier away from the cliffs of the west coast and towards the beaches of the south coast, how wrong we were, there are towering cliffs here too, very big ones, different geology, different colour, still very up! We started at Stackpole Quay and almost immediately we were approaching the first climb of the day, then down, then up, etc. etc. Several times, and today it seemed harder work than previous days. The flora is getting a bit thinner here, the foxgloves are almost over, but the yellow catsear type dandelions are out everywhere, fields are being mown and baled, the kayakers are gone but we did spot a seal. Freshwater East beach proved to be devoid of open cafes, as did Swanlake bay and Manorbier. Lydstep Haven was just one massive static caravan park, but they did icecreams and a blue juice slushpuppy for Steve, check out the blue tongue! A long steep climb came after that up to the next firing range at Penally, hardly stopping for breath at a café in Stackpole for cream teas all round. A very hard day of only 12.5 miles, hot at times, sometimes breezy, sometimes still and stifling, but no rain….shhhhh!

Best wishes

Catherine and Steve and Shep

Day 14 of 14.

Been there, done that! Today started off raining, not a great start but it eased off after 3 miles so we tore our waterproofs off, we were a bit hot by then, after another mile it started to rain again, back on with the waterproofs!  By Amroth the sun had come out as we clambered over the rocks on the beach and we slogged up one last small hill to reach the last post, which says ‘St Dogmaels, 186 miles’. All the mileages vary.  Steve has completed the 188 miles (as recorded by my GPS) of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. David and Jenny also completed the whole thing, I was just 21 miles short having skived off half a day with soggy feet and a day ‘resting Shep. Had the firing ranges been open the total would be about 200, perhaps I should get Steve to walk 12 miles before breakfast tomorrow just to round it up? It was a very challenging walk, not to be taken on lightly or with a heavy rucksack, Steve said it was the best as it offered a huge variety of scenery and a bit of a challenge too.

Best wishes

Catherine and Steve and Shep

Just a note to all our ‘followers’, both near and as far away as Australia, to say “Thank you” for your encouragement and for your donations to Friends of the Animals which is what this whole challenge walk is about.  Steve, Catherine & Shep

For the walk completed so far please see this page

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Day 12
Day 12
Day 12
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Day 13
Day 13
Day 14
Day 14
Day 14

These three animals are a reminder of what Steve and Catherine’s efforts are funding

Veterinary Bills: This little Yorkie was savaged, but happily he is recovering.


Fostering: These seriously cute baby Chinchilla’s are being well looked after and the runt of the litter is being fed every two hours.


Re-homing: This is eight month old Dexter who is looking for a home.


We always try very hard and do our best on every occasion.

Georgie is one of those success stories that we hope will show how, why and what we do.

Please click on this direct link to the video below if you have problems viewing it.


To enable us to help more animals like Georgie please click on the Donate / Paypal button below so that we can help more animals that come to us initially in such a bad way



As well as offering a subsidised spaying and Neutering scheme for Cats, Dogs and small furries at Vets throughout the Midlands and along the South Coast, we rehome all sorts of animals and birds, loan equipment, give advice and talks and support a large Sanctuary in the Midlands with over 400 Farm animals. ALL done because of YOUR support.

GINGE had a argument with a car and was in a bad way. We were able to step in and with YOUR help were able to raise the funds that enabled his broken limbs to be repaired and for him to have a second chance.

I’m getting there, one step at a time

And the latest pictures show what a remarkable recovery he has made:-

“Ginge is extremely happy and is now off all medication, he is exploring the outside world. He still has a slight limp, but he is walking and climbing steps, using the cat flap, just not running and jumping yet.

Just cannot thank you guys and your supporters enough for helping to give Ginge a chance to continue his happy life.

He is due to go back for a check up with the specialist in 3 weeks, to check the healing process.

Many thanks again

Regards Richard and Ginge”.


MANY MANY thanks to all who came along and / or supported the SANCTUARY’S first open weekend. Over £2,000 was raised which will mean a lot of hungry mouths will be fed and a lot of veterinary treatment will be covered in the next few weeks.

For TWENTY SEVEN years we have been improving the lives of Animals

from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales.

Our aims are to:-

  • Offer a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme.
  • To rehome animals that come into our care.
  • To support 460+ animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • To give educational talks on the care of pets
  • To offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

We have also:-

Spayed / Neutered more than 34,000 animals

Rehomed over 8,800 animals

And we provide veterinary treatment for almost 4,000 animals EVERY year.


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