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 PLEASE help by making a donation of any size using the PAYPAL or CHARITY CHOICE buttons below.  Both sites are safe and you don’t need an account to make a donation.   OR, please call 01983-522-511 and make a donation by card. Thank you.
For help with the cost of veterinary treatment in the West  Midlands, Portsmouth / Southampton areas and the Isle of  Wight, particularly Spaying and Neutering please call  01983-522-511. Tues - Sat 10-00am - 4-00pm.
The fact is that we deal with calls for animals like Rosie EVERY DAY,  and whilst T.L.C. always helps and our volunteers do a great job,  ONLY with YOUR financial support are we able to continue.  A gift of  ANY size to Friends of the Animals does NOT sit in a bank account;  it is used to help animals today and tomorrow. PLEASE make a  donation now to help other animals like ROSIE. Thank you. 
CHARITY FOUNDER HELEN SINCLAIR COLLECTS HER M.B.E On May 1st, Charity Founder Helen  Sinclair went to Buckingham Palace to  collect her M.B.E. for “Services to  Animal Welfare”.  Helen was presented with her award by  H.R.H. The Princess Royal and as you  can see, Helen was, on behalf of the  Charity, absolutely delighted.
This is ROSIE, before she  squeezed through a gap in  the door and before she was  hit by a passing taxi. 
This was Rosie after her  treatment. We needed to raise a large sum of money to save  this little dog but thanks to  YOU and the F.O.T.A. team  ROSIE had her operation ....
And is now at home with her  best friend(s). She still needs  treatment but this is another  one of many lives saved  because of you and Friends of the Animals. 
“Friends of the Animals” was an  early member of the FUND RAISING  STANDARDS BOARD. For more  details please click on the link below.
Friends of the Animals Shopping bags Friends of the Animals need to raise the funds to help Rosie. Friends of the Animals helped Rosie return to her home. Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary Friends of the Animals supporting Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary
MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE today by adoption or sponsoring an  animals at the Sanctuary in Wolverton.. For just £2-00p a month you  will help fund your chosen animal’s feed and any veterinary  treatment for as long as you’d like. We will also keep you updated on  YOUR animal.  
Please select an animal to adopt
The Charity has been offered a piece of Art by  Raquel Vazquez to sell / auction to raise funds.  The picture is called “Turtle Beach” and was  inspired by a beach on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast that is the breeding ground for the  LOGGERHEAD TURTLE.   The canvas measures 165cm x 102cm (60” x  40”) and as you can see (left) it is  predominately blue and yellow / gold. It would  make a Stunning feature. We are asking for bids on the painting and  have so far reached £350-00p. To make a bid EITHER call 01983-522-511  (and speak to Lacie) OR email us at Every time the bid  increases this page will be updated.
ALL the money raised  from this lovely picture  will be used SOLELY  for veterinary bills.

“Friends of the Animals” 

Is a Registered Charity that rescues, rehomes and arranges veterinary 

treatment for almost any animal and bird. We arrange spays and 

neuters at a subsidised rate in certain areas and we also support over 

400 animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands. 

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Friends of the Animals Rescues benefit from Give a Car
Sadly, not everything we  put on our site constitutes “good news”; It is with  great sadness that we  must report that  “CASSIE” the Canine  collecting Queen had to  be put to sleep recently.  Please click here to see  just what a FANTASTIC  animal CASSIE was. 
Friends of the Animals need to help ROSIE Friends of the Animals will miss Cassie Helen Sinclair Founder of Friends of the Animals
To see our new  range of fantastic  Merchandise for  sale in support of  our rescues,  please click here. 
Turtle beach by Racquel Vazquez raising funds for Friends of the Animals HOME
To see how YOU  can raise money  for our rescues  through these  companies,  please click here.
LEO (The Cow), MARIGOLD & MORGAN (The Goats) and MANDY  the sheep (below) are amongst those animals looking for a sponsor.  To see the full list of animals needing help please click here.
Friends of the Animals Rescue, rehome and arrange veterianry treatment.