“Friends of the Animals” is a Registered Charity. It started in 1990 in what was then the second floor flat of it’s founder, Helen Sinclair.

At the time, Helen had several dogs and in the eyes of many Charities, would not have been suitable as a “doggie home” because of her home and work style.

However, having hard and fast rules was not something Helen agreed with. Everyone and everything deserves to be considered on its own merit. Helen took her dogs everywhere with her and they had a great life, and she set about forming a Charity that would also be flexible and crucially, prompt in it’s actions.

Since then the Charity has always acted with both compassion and in a practical way. There are not “committee meetings” to decide whether an animal need help, decisions are made then and at the time; an animal’s life could (often is) at stake. Helen and her team of Lacie, Linda, and Di  save lives EVERY day because they make decisions.

Based, originally, in Sandwell in the West Midlands, the Charity set out to greatly reduce the overall animal problem by reducing the number of animals available – by the simple expediant of offering a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme, something we still do.

This was an immediate success. Local authorities, vets, the public and even M.P.s realised the long term benefit of this scheme and supported the Charity’s work. In fact two of our first Patrons came as a direct result of this work. Local M.P.s The Right Hon. John Spellar (below right) and Adrian Bailey (below left) put their name to our work, and have done so ever since.



JACK was one of the headline stars of the CARRY ON series of films. He joined the Charity and for many years prior to his sad departure, he worked very hard both in direct support of the Charity but also “behind the scenes” introducing us to some of his other friends. We will always treasure his efforts on behalf of the animals he so loved.

Over the next few years the Charity began to receive support from more celebrities who have liked what we do, how we do it and who wanted to do what they can to expand our work. We greatly appreciate the support of –

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In 2014 Helen Sinclair, Charity Founder  was awarded the M.B.E. for services to Animal Welfare.


The award reflects 25 years of commitment based on being caring, compassionate and practical.

Helen received her award from H.R.H. The Princess Anne