Day 1,

A hard walk really in this heat, it does sap strength so much. After leaving Newport he headed up the cycle track to Cowes to meet the proper Coastal Path, turning left he found a cake shop selling enormous rock cakes, even he couldn’t eat the whole thing at once, then sugared up he went through Gurnard, got a little lost there but found a pub instead, so after a swift half he rolled on towards Newtown, Shalfleet, Hamstead (long way round there), Bouldnor cliffs and down into Yarmouth, Declan bailed out at this point with back pain, so Steve carried on. I met him at Brambles holiday camp, having walked from Alum Bay, then we dropped down to the beach at Linstone Chine so Shep could have a cooling swim and onwards through Colwell and Totland and the last stretch uphill over Headon Warren to Alum Bay at 8.30 pm. 12.5 hours, at least 25 miles. 

Day 2.

It’s been a long day for Steve; Starting from Alum Bay around 7.45 in the lovely coolness of an early morning. His walking buddy today was Stephen Brown who planned to get to Blackgang.
A hard day, followed yesterday’s marathon. A long climb up to Tennyson monument, down to Freshwater Bay, up the other side, down to Compton then along the cliff tops towards Blackgang, veering round or up and down all the chines between. A cream tea rest at IOW Pearl, extra scone of course, then up to Blackgang viewpoint for a late lunch. The other Steve left him at this point and our Steve soldiered on to St Lawrence and in to Ventnor where I met him armed with a very chocolaty rocky road slice to boost his sugar levels for the last 3 miles back through the woods to Shanklin.
Today’s walk took 12 and a quarter hours and covered 26.8 miles. Quite a feat for his feet. Not exactly a stroll that!  The weather helped to show what a beautiful island it is but it had it’s vagrancies – sunny to start, fog along the middle bit, then windy then hot and dry at the end !!

DAY 3. 

What a DAY. The hottest bank Holiday on record and Steve’s longest day, a massive 31 miles in 13 hours! Steve’s walking buddy today was a very fit Jenny. Steve’s brother Martin also joined him for a short while. Today started at Shanklin chine at 7.45 for a lovely walk along the Shanklin Sandown Yaverland seafront, then over Culver down into Bembridge and eventually into Ryde. A tea and cake stop at the lovely Quarr Abbey teashop then into Wootton Bridge and a slightly miscalculated diversion via Woodside which added a mile or two!! Then into East Cowes along roads. Here the Coastal Path crosses the floating bridge but Steve took a left and followed the banks of the Medina back to the FOTA base at Riverway arriving at about 8-45pm. Hot, tired, sticky we made him and Jenny pose for a couple of pics.

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Last year, Steve walked the Pembrokeshire coast; the year before, he walked the full length of Offa’s Dyke and in so doing, managed to raise a spectacular £9,500 !! to provide veterinary treatment for our rescued animals. [Full details of Steve’s previous walks here.]

This year, Steve is walking the perimeter of the Isle of Wight starting on Saturday 24th August and it will see him walking in an anti-clockwise direction along (mainly) the coastal path. The distance is around 86 miles and when I looked online, it said allow 4 to 7 days. But, ‘our Steve’ is a serious walker and will be completing the island’s varied coastline in just 3 days !! over the Bank Holiday.


Our lovely friend and patron Rick Wakeman recently visited our Newport office on the Isle of Wight, where he spent over three hours speaking to and being photographed with some of our supporters and their lovely, rescued dogs.


Dogs included: Bella who – prior to coming into our care – had spent several years in temporary homes including a long stint in kennels. She is a lovely quiet dog who just accepts her lot and she was simply never chosen as she is large. Happily, we have found Bella the perfect coastal home, where she is living very happily with another dog of a similar size and a cat. The ages of the dogs who came to meet Rick, ranged from puppies Duke and Duchess who are still only a few months old, to dear Rosie the Spaniel, who is over fourteen years old. For some of the dogs present, Friends of the Animals had been their very last chance of life. When Spirit the Retriever came into the Charity’s care, she was so ill, we didn’t know if she would survive. The poor dog had Pyometra, which is a fatal condition if left untreated. It only occurs in un-spayed animals, so the clear message here is GET YOUR BITCH SPAYED. 

Contact us on 01983-522-511 if you need help with the cost and – provided you can reach one of the thirty plus Vets the Charity uses – we will help you.

We are pleased, and very honoured to be able to announce that with the support of RICK WAKEMAN, the superb Opera Singer ALFIE BOE has kindly agreed to become a Patron of the Charity. Support of this calibre directly translates into us being able to help more animals and people, so WELCOME ALFIE.

Jack came into our care three weeks ago. Terriers are high energy dogs and 18 month old Jack has sadly spent his entire life cooped up in a crate. His original owners kept changing their minds about re-homing him, but we didn’t give up and got him at our fifth attempt. He is a lovely, bright little dog, very anxious to please and (having watched our two dogs) he managed the dog flap within thirty seconds ! He is brilliant with people including with children and with other dogs and we have just found him a wonderful home with a Labrador. Poor Jack has lost 18 months of his life and so he’s got a lot of catching up to do. Consequently, everything is a huge adventure to him and happily his new owners walk the two dogs several times a day.

The fourth photo shows Jack on his first real walk. He is the small black Terrier in the middle. The other two rescued dogs are Dotty and Millie.




For more than 15 years ‘Friends of the Animals’ have supported the ‘Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary’ which is situated in Wolverton, a village between Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon.

This years’ extreme weather, starting with the ‘Beast from the East’ which brought cold, heavy rain and flooding, and followed by a very long, very hot, dry Summer, resulted in the 59 acres of grass the animals would normally have grazed on – simply dying

Worse still, due to this year’s unusual weather, hay and straw are now in short supply and inevitably this has translates into rocketing prices. As you can see from the picture the Sanctuary tries to buy “in bulk” to save costs but even so, bales are running at £35-00 each and rising.

 Farm animals don’t have many friends, so please help them this Christmas if you can. Please use the Pay Pal button (above and below this item) to make a donation of any amount to help these animals get through the Winter.

Please use the Pay Pal button (above and below this item) to make a donation of any amount to help these animals get through the Winter. OR call our office (01983-522-511 Tues – Sat 10-00am to 5-00pm ) to make a card donation OR send a cheque made out to “Friends of the Animals Sanctuary” to 17A Riverway Newport PO30 5UX. EVERY penny raised WILL go to feed those 500 plus animals this winter.




We always try very hard and do our best on every occasion.

Georgie is one of those success stories that we hope will show how, why and what we do.

Please click on this direct link to the video below if you have problems viewing it.

To enable us to help more animals like Georgie please click on the Donate / Paypal button below so that we can help more animals that come to us initially in such a bad way.



As well as offering a subsidised spaying and Neutering scheme for Cats, Dogs and small furries at Vets throughout the Midlands and along the South Coast, we rehome all sorts of animals and birds, loan equipment, give advice and talks and support a large Sanctuary in the Midlands with over 400 Farm animals. ALL done because of YOUR support.

I Was Helped by Friends of the Animals
So Was I
Me Too
Same Here

Since 1990 we have been improving the lives of Animals from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales.

Our aims are to:-

  • Offer a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme.
  • To rehome animals that come into our care.
  • To support 460+ animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • To give educational talks on the care of pets
  • To offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

We have also:-

Spayed / Neutered more than 38,500 animals

Rehomed over 9,000 animals

And, last year we provided veterinary treatment for 3,300 animals.