When it comes to needing help, size doesn’t matter !

After spending two days away visiting our Midland supporters and Portsmouth shop, I came back to: ‘tiny’, ‘small’ and ‘large’ dog problems as follows:-

‘Milo’ is a ‘tiny’ one year old Chihuahua who has been having daily fits since his owner accidentally dropped him. When Lacie our Office Manager went to the house to collect him, ‘Milo’ was curled in a ball quite lifeless. The lady had no money to seek veterinary treatment so she filled in the paperwork and Lacie immediately took the little mite through to the vets. He is very underweight and was walking round in circles and after a second opinion later in the day, we decided we wanted to give this little dog a chance and so moved him to a lovely foster home to monitor his actions. After checking on him this morning, we learnt this very sweet little dog with real character, had had a good night’s sleep and had eaten a couple of small meals. We do not yet know what the outcome will be for him, but help towards the cost of his veterinary treatment would be very much appreciated please.


‘Molly’ a small, ten year old Terrier was enjoying a walk with her owner Anne, when she was savaged by two Greyhounds. Anne told me it was one of the worst days of her life. She couldn’t open the dogs’ jaws and there was blood everywhere.

The Greyhounds – who should have been muzzled – and the four people who were with them, walked off, leaving Anne alone and in tears and ‘Molly’ pouring blood from a neck injury. Veterinary treatment to put ‘Molly’ together has generated a bill of £257-82, which is a worry to Anne as she is a widow with just her pension. Her Insurance Company have put £105-00, but will not pay the full amount as they deem ‘Molly’ to be too old ! Even though, they presumably took the premium knowing the dogs’ age !

‘Rex’ is a German Shepherd and is owned by two kind supporters who used to Foster animals for us. Unfortunately, he is suffering from a piece of floating bone near his shoulder. (See X’ray). The quote to remove it is a massive £4,000; which is £4,000 the owners do not have. Poor ‘Rex’ is only fourteen months old and this operation is his only chance of having a pain free life.








The above cases came in within a few hours of each other and this is why we would be so very grateful to have YOUR help and support.

Please help ‘Milo’, ‘Molly’ and / or ‘Rex’ by making a donation via Pay Pal. Or, call Lacie on01983-522-511 to donate by card, or send a cheque made payable to F.O.T.A. (please write the name of the animal you would like to help on the reverse of the cheque) and post to: F.O.T.A. 17a Riverway, Newport I.O.W.  PO30 5UX.



We always try very hard and do our best on every occasion.

Georgie is one of those success stories that we hope will show how, why and what we do.

Please click on this direct link to the video below if you have problems viewing it.


To enable us to help more animals like Georgie please click on the Donate / Paypal button below so that we can help more animals that come to us initially in such a bad way



As well as offering a subsidised spaying and Neutering scheme for Cats, Dogs and small furries at Vets throughout the Midlands and along the South Coast, we rehome all sorts of animals and birds, loan equipment, give advice and talks and support a large Sanctuary in the Midlands with over 400 Farm animals. ALL done because of YOUR support.

GINGE had a argument with a car and was in a bad way. We were able to step in and with YOUR help were able to raise the funds that enabled his broken limbs to be repaired and for him to have a second chance.

I’m getting there, one step at a time

And the latest pictures show what a remarkable recovery he has made:-

“Ginge is extremely happy and is now off all medication, he is exploring the outside world. He still has a slight limp, but he is walking and climbing steps, using the cat flap, just not running and jumping yet.

Just cannot thank you guys and your supporters enough for helping to give Ginge a chance to continue his happy life.

He is due to go back for a check up with the specialist in 3 weeks, to check the healing process.

Many thanks again

Regards Richard and Ginge”.


MANY MANY thanks to all who came along and / or supported the SANCTUARY’S first open weekend. Over £2,000 was raised which will mean a lot of hungry mouths will be fed and a lot of veterinary treatment will be covered in the next few weeks.

For TWENTY SEVEN years we have been improving the lives of Animals

from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales.

Our aims are to:-

  • Offer a subsidised Spaying and Neutering scheme.
  • To rehome animals that come into our care.
  • To support 460+ animals at a Sanctuary in the Midlands.
  • To give educational talks on the care of pets
  • To offer support for members of the public in the care of their pets.

We have also:-

Spayed / Neutered more than 34,000 animals

Rehomed over 8,800 animals

And we provide veterinary treatment for almost 4,000 animals EVERY year.


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