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Since 1990 friends of the animals have been improving the lives of animals from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales. The Charity has spayed / neutered in excess of 41,000 animals, rehomed over 9,000 animals and last year we provided veterinary treatment for over 2,900 animals.

Meet ‘Romi’ and Bertie.

When a dog ruptures their cruciate (knee) ligament, they inevitably transfer their weight to their ‘good’ back leg. In large breeds, this unfortunately means there’s a very good chance the other back knee will rupture too. And, this is precisely what has happened to poor ‘Romi’ who underwent a cruciate operation last year.

Sophia, ‘Romi’s owner, is a one parent family with two small children and despite working part time, life is a financial struggle and she has no hope of raising the £2,900 needed for the surgery to repair her much loved dog’s leg. I have spoken to the Vet and as soon as half of the total (£1,450) is secured, they are willing to book ‘Romi’ in. Summer is coming and I’m sure ‘Romi’ would love to be able to go for a walk, but until surgery happens she will continue to be in pain and hobble.

In the past, our wonderful supporters have turned ‘impossible’ into ‘possible’ and I (and ‘Romi)’ are really hoping you can do it again. Please step in and contribute whatever you can by using the ‘Romi’ Donate button. 

You can also make a card payment over the phone by ringing our office on 01983-522-511 Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am. Please remember to tell us if your donation is for ‘Romi’. 

Success Stories

Buddy Update

Happily, thanks to our fantastic supporters’, approaching £3,000 was raised and Buddy’s operation was able to go ahead. She spent a few weeks recovering and the latest email from Buddy’s owner says: “As promised, a photo of Buddy’s first hydrotherapy session today. She has come along fantastically, she’s using her leg virtually all the time now and her…

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