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Since 1990 friends of the animals have been improving the lives of animals from Burnley to the Isle of Wight and from Norfolk to Wales. The Charity has spayed / neutered in excess of 41,000 animals, rehomed over 9,000 animals and last year we provided veterinary treatment for over 2,900 animals.

Life for three year old ‘Willow’, a sweet natured, three year old Bichon is not too good at the moment, as the poor dog is suffering with a bladder stone. It is scratching her internally, causing her to pee blood and resulting in constant bladder infections.  

Meanwhile, ‘Willow’s owner Michelle is long term sick and has absolutely no chance of raising the £1,400 cost of surgery. In an attempt to obtain a better quote, I rang a few veterinary surgeries. Unfortunately, none were currently taking on new clients, which leaves poor ‘Willow’ to suffer. 

So much good can be achieved when caring people pull together and I’m asking our fantastic supporters to please step in to help with the cost. 

Friends of the Animals strives to help as many animals as possible, whilst always doing our very best to limit appeals to no more than  ‘one a month’. 

‘Willow’ doesn’t understand that times are tough, all she knows is she’s in pain.

Please help if you can, with a donation of any size towards the £1,400 we are desperately trying to raise. 

Thank you

Success Stories

Buddy Update

Happily, thanks to our fantastic supporters’, approaching £3,000 was raised and Buddy’s operation was able to go ahead. She spent a few weeks recovering and the latest email from Buddy’s owner says: “As promised, a photo of Buddy’s first hydrotherapy session today. She has come along fantastically, she’s using her leg virtually all the time now and her…

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