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Jess, 4 year old Staffie

‘JESS’ a 4 year old Staffie, arrived at our office with her alcoholic owner who was about to be evicted and a Social worker in tow.  Poor ‘JESSIE’ was filthy and stank and the lady’s Whisky breath nearly knocked our staff out. The owner certainly didn’t beat about the bush when she bluntly asked “are…

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It is pretty amazing the utter squalor some people are content to live in. Jackson lived in a garden FULL of broken bottles, rusty tins and discarded rubbish of ALL sorts. This  was the only access to the outside world for seven lovely dogs.   Two of our staff had visited the property, where they found…

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‘PATCH’ was just 12 months old and when his owner passed away, a relative tried to help by moving his kennel to their own garden, but it dropped to pieces.  ‘PATCH’ had spent his entire life living outside so unfortunately wasn’t house trained and so the relative was unwilling to have him in the house….

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2 day old kitten rescued

This kitten is only a few days old and was found in an alley way off a main road in the West Midlands. We immediately took the tiny animal to a Vets’ in Oldbury for a Vet check and were concerned to learn she has two, seeping puncture wounds, which are thought to be rat…

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MEGAN was a stray, and survived by scavenging for food outside a fish & chip shop.She had a stomach full of worms and a large abscess on her neck which we soon got treated.

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A district nurse contacted us just after Christmas when she called on a client and found her dead and Jagan alone, hungry, and totally disorientated. After several days of TLC and quite a bit of feeding, we found the ideal home for this lovely dog.

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