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It is pretty amazing the utter squalor some people are content to live in. Jackson lived in a garden FULL of broken bottles, rusty tins and discarded rubbish of ALL sorts. This  was the only access to the outside world for seven lovely dogs.   Two of our staff had visited the property, where they found this Old English X in an appalling state with an untreated ear infection and a filthy matted coat.

He was one and a half years old and had never left the house; he was petrified of people and huddled himself in the corner of the kitchen. A black and tan dog feasted on rubbish from the overflowing bin and one – who was only a pup herself – was heavily pregnant and a fourth had a badly deformed leg.

The owner insisted the dogs could only be removed one at a time and “Jackson” (pictured), was the first one we picked up and transported to a Foster Home, followed by “Caspar” – who’d been eating from the bin.

It must have been quite an adventure for them. Almost immediately “Jackson” found his forever home, when he was adopted by one of the Veterinary Nurses who had faced the marathon task of shaving off his coat.

Posted on August 4th, 2014

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