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Jess, 4 year old Staffie

‘JESS’ a 4 year old Staffie, arrived at our office with her alcoholic owner who was about to be evicted and a Social worker in tow.  Poor ‘JESSIE’ was filthy and stank and the lady’s Whisky breath nearly knocked our staff out.

The owner certainly didn’t beat about the bush when she bluntly asked “are you going to take IT, or am I having IT put to sleep” ?  At this point, the Social worker explained that she had tried various Rescue Centres and no one could help and the next number on their list, was the Vet to book ‘JESSIE’ in to be destroyed.

Head down, the poor dog just sat forlornly, totally uncomprehending that her life was in the balance. Fortunately, her life was about to change DRAMATICALLY and for the better and she was taken to one of our Foster Homes, where she was bathed and given a clean bed. She craved love and finally started to learn what toys were for.

Posted on August 4th, 2014

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