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A message from our patrons

Rick Wakeman & Steve

“Hi Steve and Catherine………………….I have been following your amazing journey in aid of the wonderful Friends of the Animals and can only say as a patron how proud I feel to have people like you on board with your support. 200 miles is a mammoth distance….I struggle with 200 yards.!!! 

Absolutely brilliant……..well done from myself and Ian Lavender and Sue Perkins and Peter Egan and all the patrons ….we take our hats off to you….or should I say “shoes”.

lots of love……….Rick.

And from the other side of the world:-

The following message of support was sent by Claude Silavant who lives in NSW, Australia:

“Hi Steve and travelling partners, really enjoying your daily adventures and to know the animals will be benefited, It is something I would have loved to do before I moved to Australia plus help the charity.

Keep going as it is a really positive achievement in life, Wish I was there to join you, will be sending a donation.

All the best Claude Silavant”

Just a note to all our ‘followers’, both near and as far away as Australia, to say “Thank you” for your encouragement and for your donations to Friends of the Animals which is what this whole challenge walk is about.  Steve, Catherine & Shep

These three animals are a reminder of what Steve and Catherine’s efforts are funding

Veterinary Bills: This little Yorkie was savaged, but happily he is recovering.

Fostering: These seriously cute baby Chinchilla’s are being well looked after and the runt of the litter is being fed every two hours.

Re-homing: This is eight month old Dexter who is looking for a home.

Posted on June 4th, 2018

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