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Sooty update

Thanks to our generous supporters, Friends of the Animals has paid £2,000 off his mega veterinary bill.

“Nicola (Sooty’s owner) wrote: “The wonderful Charity Friends of the Animals have been an absolute lifeline to me and my family and we will be eternally grateful for all your wonderful supporter’s donations and kindness. The first few days were like a rollercoaster and when Sooty was critical, a veterinary nurse slept on a mattress next to his cage. Thanks once again kind donors and to the whole team, you truly are fantastic”.

‘Sooty’ the Springer / Staffie X urgently needs your help please.

2018 ended terribly for eight year old ‘Sooty’. He was simply walking on a pathway near his home with his owner Nicola, when the poor dog trod on broken glass.

Unfortunately, part of a discarded broken bottle went through the tendon in one of ‘Sooty’s back legs. What happened next would have been absolutely terrifying to witness. The injury was so severe it caused projectile bleeding and on seeing this, one of Nicola’s sons passed out cold.

‘Sooty’s gums turned pale and his breathing became laboured, time was desperately running out. Meanwhile – having occurred on a Sunday, Nicola was frantically trying to find a Vet to open up. In the end, she had to ring EIGHT Vet’s before she found one that was open 24 hours. She told me the eighth Veterinary Practice was fantastic. In a life or death situation every seconds counts and the wonderful staff were actually waiting on the doorstep for ‘Sooty’ – whose life was ebbing away – to arrive.

‘Sooty’ was rushed in to surgery, but he’d lost so much blood, he had to have a massive transfusion. Unfortunately, his body rejected it and so he still wasn’t out of the woods ! Luckily, a second transfusion donated by another dog – worked well and after a few overnight stays he has just been allowed home.

I spoke to the Veterinary Practice today and discovered ‘Sooty’s life saving bill currently stands at £3,358-22, possibly with a bit more still to come. Nicola already has enough on her plate struggling with serious ill health and what happened to ‘Sooty’ is a massive added worry to the whole family.

The irresponsible person who smashed the bottle is the one who should pay, but sadly that won’t happen. This is why I am asking everyone  to ‘please do something kind’ and start off your New Year by helping ‘Sooty’ and his family. A donation of any size will be most gratefully received.

Posted on January 1st, 2019

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