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Pugs Kevin and Curtis

Pugs Kevin and Curtis are litter Brothers and are very bonded.

When they came in to be re-homed, both dogs were really struggling to breath and their extreme discomfort was made worse by the hot weather. Kevin (the larger one) was in the worse state, but it was very distressing to watch both dogs gasping and panicking to take in breath.

It was clear the dogs were in desperate need of surgery to remove the excess skin around their soft pallets in order to make their airways bigger – they also needed to go on strict diets !
A few months ago, the Charity had a similar situation with a Boston Terrier and I can remember the Vet telling us it was exactly the same as us spending our lives’, trying to breathe through a straw

Kevin and Curtis certainly deserved every chance of leading a normal life and we were happy to pay £942-00 to give them their lives back.

Since their op’s, the difference has been amazing, they are like new dogs…running, playing and no choking or gasping. For the first time ever, they are just loving life, it’s truly fantastic !

Posted on September 27th, 2019

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