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On the road to recovery

Fantastic news !!

Thanks to everyone who contributed, the surgery went ahead – and dear ‘Harvey’s life has been saved ! These are the first post op photo’s of ‘Harvey’ with Maliha who is one of the two Vets who operated on him yesterday to remove the kebab stick. She and Dan Forster – the other Vet who operated, certainly did a spectacular job in what must have been near impossible circumstances.

Having just spoken to the Practice, I am told that ‘Harvey’ is doing well. He is eating and pee’ing and they hope to be able to discharge this lovely dog, who has been through so much, tomorrow.   The Receptionist told me the bill (so far) is in excess of £4 K, but I’m really hoping the Vet will be willing to give us a ‘charity rate’, especially as we haven’t raised even half of that amount; although we have already paid the bill for the C.T. scan.

Posted on October 25th, 2019

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