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About three years ago, Jillie Wheeler B.E.M. set up a project called ‘CASSIE’s CARE4PETS’ (CC4P) – a part of the Charity  that specifically helps older people struggling to find the money to pay the full cost of their animals’ veterinary treatment.

Question. Who is Cassie and what does she do?

Answer. Cassie was the most wonderfully placid black German Shepherd dog who helped her owner Jillie Wheeler B.E.M. raise THOUSANDS of £s for people and animals in need of help, care or specialist equipment. Jillie was awarded the British Empire Medal for her services to charity and fund raising in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. CC4P was started in 2013 with the support of the then High Sheriff of the Isle of Wight, Nick Hayward.

Question. How can Cassie’s Care 4 Pets help?

Answer. If you are a Senior Citizen whose pet needs veterinary attention which may be beyond your personal financial means, CC4P MAY be able to contribute towards the cost.

Question. How do I apply for help from Cassie’s Care 4 Pets?

Answer. In the first place you need to write to the address (below) with a) your name, address and telephone number, b) details of the veterinary treatment required and c) the contact details of your vet. Please write to:- Cassies Care4Pets 17a Riverway Newport PO30 5UX

‘Cassie’s’ fundraising efforts ensured veterinary help for:

Poppy a Shih Tzu who needed eye surgery,

Poppy a French Bull Dog puppy who broke his shoulder,

Diva a Staffie X who needed a leg operation,

Glyn, Beth, Tilly & C.J. who between them had; a liver problem, a heart problem, a thyroid problem and a little blind dog with dry eye, Casper who had heartworm,

Alfie the Springer whose leg was saved,

Nel a Collie who needs drugs for a major stomach problem,

Toby who ruptured his cruciate,

Dave who swallowed a fishing hook,

Millie a Westie who it was thought swallowed poison,

A Bichon puppy who needed an eye removed,

Carig a Collie who had a growth,

Roxie a Pug in agony with bladder stones,

Freddie a Yorkie who ruptured his cruciate,

Teddy a Poodle needing surgery for a possible brain bleed,

Izzy a Terrier needing an ear operation,

Alekos a diabetic Labrador,

Shady a Jack Russell with a collapsed windpipe,

Daisy who was bleeding to death,

Sophie & Lex who both needed a dental,

Bobby a Yorkie who received life threatening injuries in an attack,

Bess a Collie who had a serious auto-immune problem,

Susie a Lurcher with a growth on her paw,

Jessie a cat who was poisoned,

Missy a 5 month old puppy who slipped through a balcony rail,

Tigger a cat who was bleeding heavily,

Lara a little deaf Collie who needs ongoing medication,

Tuko a 6 month old puppy who fell down a flight of steps breaking a leg on the joint. The break was too severe to pin and an amputation or a put to  sleep were the only options available. We went for the amputation.

Wonderful ‘Cassie’ helped them all – and many others too.



Jillie Wheeler B.E.M. with Cassie

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