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Charity Skydive

Shay Lewis did a skydive for our charity in August 2021, he is just 16 years old !!! He told us this “Friends of the Animals have helped my family so much over lockdown and I wanted to give something back” He is pictured below with an important member of the family Bentley. If you…

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Buddy Update

Happily, thanks to our fantastic supporters’, approaching £3,000 was raised and Buddy’s operation was able to go ahead. She spent a few weeks recovering and the latest email from Buddy’s owner says: “As promised, a photo of Buddy’s first hydrotherapy session today. She has come along fantastically, she’s using her leg virtually all the time now and her…

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Arson Attack – Urgent Appeal

Thank God for the Fire Service and the Police !  In the early hours of this morning (Thursday) an accelerant was used to start a fire at Friends of the Animals offices on Riverway, Newport.   Our security camera clearly shows a flash occur at 12-49 am as the fire was started and within one…

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Please help us to keep the lights on

500 animals need your help please. The Farm Animal Sanctuary near Stratford Upon Avon has just received a very unexpected electricity bill of over £4,300 and we need help to clear it. 500 plus animals depend on that power so any donation, of any size will make a REAL difference immediately. Please use the PayPal…

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Romi’s Progress

When we saw the video clip of Romi hobbling and in pain due to a ruptured cruciate, we knew we had to help. Not yet twelve months old, the poor dog had sadly suffered pain for half of her life.  Friends of the Animals is just so very grateful to everyone who generously donated; thanks to you all, …

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