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Fund Raising

The fact is that NOTHING happens without support and funds and because there are so few Companies, Trusts and almost no Govt agencies that support animal rescue and welfare we REALLY need YOUR help in any way possible.

The very easiest ways to make a financial donation to Friends of the Animals is to either use the Pay Pal Button below (you DO NOT need to have a Pay pal account to use this safe secure and quick system) or to make a card donation over the phone by calling Lacie on 01983-522-511. For other ways of making a direct financial gift, please click here

Really Easy.

PLEASE choose Friends of the Animals as the recipient beneficiary of your support when you shop with companies like “Pets at Home” or “Amazon” or how about passing on a percentage of the sale from an EBAY listing. Simply search for us in the list of Charities or nominate us when you shop.


Friends of the Animals

Every week the Charity organises or takes part in quizzes, store collections, shows, street collections, sponsored events (of all sorts!) auctions, open days etc etc etc. If YOU would like to take part or would like to organise your own on behalf of our rescues, please talk to Lacie on 01983-522-511 or emails us (click here) with your suggestions and requests. We will do our best to support you with literature, equipment etc


Friends of the Animals

We are always pleased to support original or fun ideas for Fund Raising, but we were never THAT sure about Gary’s sponsored “Dog Food Eat”. That said, Gary survived and sent us a very generous amount. None the less, please talk to us first about any ideas for sponsorship you may have!!

Of course you could be like Steve Darch who has walked around the whole of the Isle of Wight, did the Pembrokeshire Coast walk and navigated the Offas Dyke walk in consecutive years !!

OR You could be a little more sedate.

You’ll never notice if :-

You saved all your 1, 2 and 5 pence pieces at the end of each day in one of our collecting tins and when it’s full drop off the contents to us AND / OR

You went through the house and collected all the foreign and old UK coinage and notes you’ve had from years ago and pass them on to us. We can and do get it converted into current money and use it directly to help with our vets bills. Call us on 01983-522-511 to discuss any ideas you may have.

How about it? Give us a call on 01983-522-511

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