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Volunteering is fun and gives a great deal of satisfaction and achieves wonders.

Becoming a “Foster home” will literally save a life every time you take on a new animal. The aim is to care for the animal until the Charity finds it their “forever home”. The Charity will supply all the food, equipment and support whilst the animal is in your care. We also cover the veterinary bills of the animal and give constant guidance. The Charity is also fully insured for any mishaps.

Call LACIE or TRIX on 01983-522-511 if you would like to regularly save a life and make a difference.


Volunteers in Friends of the Animals have a REAL impact on animals lives (and their own) every day. The list below of “job types” is merely a guide. YOU are the key and there is always something that anyone can do to help. Call John on 01983-522-511 to see which niche is yours.

  1. A Voluntary driver. You may be asked to pick up a donation of pet food or bric a brac or even take an animal to the vet. You may be taking pet food to a foster home or delivering items for another volunteers “event”. The tasks will be varied and come at different times, if you cannot help on a particular occasion, don’t worry, we’ll move on to another driver. we pay your petrol and any other out of pocket expenses that may be incurred.
  2. Admin in the office. We may be an animal rescue charity but that does not stop us needing to organise, prepare and control a considerable amount of paperwork. Computer skills are always helpful so contact us if this may suit you.
  3. Shop volunteers. Can you spend a couple of hours a week on a regular basis helping our sales teams at Gunville and Portsmouth or can you help with organising our sales at 17A Riverway? we’d love to hear from you.
  4. Could you be an local organiser for the Charity? Be responsible for local events and fund raising.
  5. Have you got a talent- singing, knitting, craftwork etc etc. PLEASE contact us so that we can use your skills and abilities to help even more animals.

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